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We are pleased, that you are interested in GREY Fashion brand or our unique patented material Vitadylan (tm) made of Icelandic seaweeds and zinc fibers to nourish the skin. 



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Regarding the Vitadylan fabrics we add some more information here:



We have developed a revolutionary new fabric using a technology patented in Germany to capture the power of the sea in a garment, using island seaweed, beechwood and zinc fibers. GREY Fashion Berlin is exclusively using our fundamentally new material. Read why VitadylanTM is a quantum leap and the advantage it boasts for your day-to- day life.


Up to 1,000 liters of seawater power

One kilogram (2.3 lb.) of dried seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) harvested in Iceland contains the minerals and vitamins equal to about 100,000 liters (26,400 US gallons) of seawater. A GREY product using VitadylanTM contains on average 12.5 grams (0.4 ounces) of seaweed. That's equal to 1,250 liters (330 US Gallons).


Contains minerals from seaweed

The secret of VitadylanTM lies in its pure, natural seaweed. It can only be harvested every four years in the crystal- clear waters of Iceland, so the amount available is strictly limited. The seaweed is then dried and finely ground with a special jet mill. The fine powder can subsequently be weaved into the fibers using a secret, patented procedure to retain all ingredients in the final fabric. Seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) contains one of the highest amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements of all natural products. One kilogram (2.3 lb.) of dried seaweed harvested in Iceland contains the minerals and vitamins equal to about 100,000 liters (26,400 US Gallons) of seawater. By using the highest-quality seaweed from Icelandic fjords in our material and with a highly advanced, patented technology, we can conserve the power of the seaweed within our material in order to care for your skin on a daily basis.


Contains natural sea vitamins (A, C, E)

Seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) contains one of the highest amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements of all-natural products. One kilogram (2.3 lb) of dried seaweed harvested in Iceland contains the minerals and vitamins equal to about 100,000 liters (26,400 US Gallons) of seawater. By using the highest quality Seaweed from Icelandic fjords in our material and with a highly advanced, patented technology, we can conserve the power of the seaweed within our material in order to care for your skin on a daily basis.


Two times softer than cotton

The winner when it comes to softness
The low fiber rigidity and cross-section of VitadylanTM using Lenzing Modal® fibers make them an unparalleled provider of softness in a completely natural way. Measurements of the softness factor using the Kawabata method (Kawabata evaluation systems for fabrics) show that Lenzing Modal® fibers are twice as soft as cotton. The finer the fibers, the finer the textile becomes.


Dermatologically tested

The prominent dermatest® institute has conducted a test with 30 test subjects using VitadylanTM and GREY products under the supervision of dermatological specialists and doctors and granted us the best-possible rating, “excellent”.


Contains skin-nurturing zinc

VitadylanTM uses an innovative fiber based on natural cellulose which includes the essential trace element zinc. Zinc has perhaps a greater impact on our wellbeing than any other trace element. It is vital for our immune system, sensory functions and metabolism, as well as skin regeneration and protection. A special high-grade zinc is melted and oxidized, which results in a white powder of pure zinc oxide that is incorporated into a cellulose fiber via a patented procedure. Using only high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade, 4 zinc oxide, VitadylanTM combines zinc’s regenerative and skin-nurturing effects with its hygienic and antibacterial elements. The fiber is produced without the use of aggressive chemicals and is made solely from renewable raw materials, making it both eco- friendly and fully biodegradable.



The German University of Jena has proven the antioxidant effectiveness of the medicinal zinc fibers used in VitadylanTM according to DIN EN ISO 9001 standards. The renowned German INTERTEK testing institute has demonstrated the amount of zinc in the finished products. The International Society of Dermatology has reported evidence supporting zinc to be an important antioxidant for skin.


Up to 97% less water consumption

This is from the bottom of our heart: Water is the source of life and one of the most important future issues. Fresh water sustains human life and is vital for human health. There is enough fresh water for everyone on Earth. However, due to bad economics or poor infrastructure, millions of people (most of them children) die from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene. Water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of the global population and is projected to rise. It is estimated that 783 million people do not have access to clean water and over 1.7 billion people are currently living in river basins where water use exceeds replenishment. According to the United Nations, about 1,000 children die every day due to preventable water- and sanitation-related diarrheal diseases. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the production of one average cotton T-shirt consumes up to 2,700 liters (713 US gallons) of water. The production of a comparable product made with VitadylanTM, using our advanced technology, requires only about 70 liters (18.5 US gallons) of water. That’s 38 times less or 16 bathtubs less than cotton. For a single T- shirt.


Up to 90% less CO2

The carbon footprint of a regular cotton T-shirt is about 7 kg (15.7 lb.). A GREY shirt using VitadylanTM has a footprint of about 0.7 kg (1.6 lb). That's just about 10%.


UVA & UVS protection up to SPF +50

Using zinc fibers in VitadylanTM also acts as a shield against harmful UVA and UVB radiation, which can damage our skin cells. It can provide up to +50 SPF.


Less odor

Using zinc fibers in VitadylanTM leads to longer freshness of the final garment. Since zinc is a component of skin- building enzymes, it operates directly on the skin. An active exchange between the fiber and the skin occurs when the garment is worn. In addition to this, zinc oxide possesses strong antibacterial properties, especially against odor-causing bacteria, which helps to make our garments stay fresh longer.


Made with love in Germany

VitadylanTM is a German company located in Berlin. We love our beautiful country and the beautiful people from all over the world living in Germany. The complete manufacturing procedure, the patents and the final production of the fabrics are Made in Germany. 


Patented technology and durable quality

VitadylanTM is made in the same innovative and environmentally friendly way as lyocell. Our raw material supplier’s nature-based production method virtually goes full circle, meeting the highest standards in terms
of sustainability and quality. The technology behind lyocell is so

sustainable that it has won the European Union’s European Business Awards for the Environment in the “Technology Award for Sustainable
Development” category. Our secret and patented procedure is used to weave the algae and the zinc directly into the cellulose fiber. So you feel the benefit of the fabric, even after several washes.


How GREY’s patented Vitadylan (tm) material works

The algae used in GREY’s patented VitadylanTM material come exclusively from the unique ecosystem of the fjords of Iceland. The algae are harvested in an environmentally friendly and sustainable selection process in which only the part above the algae’s regenerative region is cropped, to promote regrowth. The algae are left fully untreated to preserve their biological value.

Rich in essential nutrients, these algae contain more minerals, vitamins, and trace elements than any other natural product in the world. They are also high in antioxidants to protect the skin against free radicals, which damage healthy cells. VitadylanTM contains medical zinc oxide, which is skin-friendly and anti- inflammatory. These properties are known to have a positive effect, especially on people suffering from sensitive skin or skin diseases. Zinc is probably the most important trace element for our health. It is essential for the immune system and sensory functions, and it helps to protect and regenerate the skin. Zinc oxide protects the skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays, which can damage our skin cells.

Alongside the benefits for the skin, zinc oxide has antibacterial and odor- eliminating properties to keep fabrics fresher for longer. The skin’s natural moisture releases the micronutrients in the algae and the zinc, which stimulates the active exchange between our revolutionary fibers and the skin. The skin absorbs the essential nutrients, which helps the entire body to benefit and feel good.


Scientific studies on VitadylanTM

Over time, tests have been conducted on VitadylanTM, its ingredients, production procedure, raw materials, and final products by several institutes to guarantee their effect and healthy impact on the skin. You can find some of them at the "Scientific studies" area on this website. We and our partners have made significant investments to ensure that the mixture is the best possible and cares for the skin perfectly.

Vitadylan is not a medical product, but we nonetheless apply the highest standards and collaborate with top-name institutes to prove its quality. We are very proud of these scientific partnerships and would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our partners for their diligent cooperation with our team in order to make the best imaginable material.